SCNQuaternion SCNQuaternion Struct


Represents a quaternion and contains methods that operate on them.

public struct SCNQuaternion : IEquatable<SceneKit.SCNQuaternion>
type SCNQuaternion = struct


SCNQuaternion(Matrix3) SCNQuaternion(Matrix3)
SCNQuaternion(Quaternion) SCNQuaternion(Quaternion)
SCNQuaternion(SCNVector3, nfloat) SCNQuaternion(SCNVector3, nfloat)
SCNQuaternion(SCNVector3, Single) SCNQuaternion(SCNVector3, Single)
SCNQuaternion(nfloat, nfloat, nfloat, nfloat) SCNQuaternion(nfloat, nfloat, nfloat, nfloat)
SCNQuaternion(Single, Single, Single, Single) SCNQuaternion(Single, Single, Single, Single)


Identity Identity

Returns a quaternion that represents no rotation.


Length Length

Gets the length of the quaternion.

LengthSquared LengthSquared

Gets the square of the length of the quaternion.


Gets or sets the W component.


Gets or sets the X component.

Xyz Xyz

Gets or sets the X, Y, and Z components.


Gets or sets the Y component.


Gets or sets the Z component.


Add(SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion) Add(SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion)

Adds right to left.

Add(SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion) Add(SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion)

Adds right to left, and puts the result in result.

Conjugate(SCNQuaternion) Conjugate(SCNQuaternion)

Returns the quaternion conjugate of q.

Conjugate(SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion) Conjugate(SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion)

Calculates the quaternion conjugate of q and stores it in result.

Conjugate() Conjugate()

Returns the quaternion conjugate of this instance.

Equals(SCNQuaternion) Equals(SCNQuaternion)

Returns true if other is identical to this .

Equals(Object) Equals(Object)

Returns true if other is a quaternion and is identical to this quaternion.

FromAxisAngle(SCNVector3, Single) FromAxisAngle(SCNVector3, Single)

Creates and returns a new quaternion that represents the specified rotation about the specified axis.

GetHashCode() GetHashCode()

Returns the hashcode for this instance.

Invert(SCNQuaternion) Invert(SCNQuaternion)

Returns the quaternion that inverts the rotation that is performed by q.

Invert(SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion) Invert(SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion)

Returns the quaternion that inverts the rotation that is performed by q and stores the result in result.

Multiply(SCNQuaternion, Single, SCNQuaternion) Multiply(SCNQuaternion, Single, SCNQuaternion)

Multiplies quaternion by the scalar scale and stores the result in result.

Multiply(SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion) Multiply(SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion)

Multiplies left by right and stores the result in result.

Multiply(SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion) Multiply(SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion)

Multiplies left by right.

Multiply(SCNQuaternion, Single) Multiply(SCNQuaternion, Single)

Multiplies quaternion by the scalar scale.

Normalize() Normalize()

Scales the instance to unit length.

Normalize(SCNQuaternion) Normalize(SCNQuaternion)

Scales q to unit length.

Normalize(SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion) Normalize(SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion)

Scales q to unit length and stores the result in result.

Slerp(SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion, Single) Slerp(SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion, Single)

Returns the spherical linear interpolation from q1 to q2 by factor blend.

Sub(SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion) Sub(SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion)

Subtracts right from left.

Sub(SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion) Sub(SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion)

Subtracts right from left and stores the result in result.

ToAxisAngle() ToAxisAngle()

Returns an axis-angle representation of the quaternion.

ToAxisAngle(SCNVector3, nfloat) ToAxisAngle(SCNVector3, nfloat)
ToAxisAngle(SCNVector3, Single) ToAxisAngle(SCNVector3, Single)

Stores the axis of rotation of the quaternion in axis, and the rotation angle, in radians, in angle.

ToString() ToString()

Returns a string representation of this instance.


Addition(SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion) Addition(SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion)
Equality(SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion) Equality(SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion)
Inequality(SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion) Inequality(SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion)
Multiply(Single, SCNQuaternion) Multiply(Single, SCNQuaternion)
Multiply(SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion) Multiply(SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion)
Multiply(SCNQuaternion, Single) Multiply(SCNQuaternion, Single)
Subtraction(SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion) Subtraction(SCNQuaternion, SCNQuaternion)

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