SslStatus Enum


Enumerates SSL connection status.

public enum SslStatus
type SslStatus = 


BadCert -9808

Bad certificate format.

BadCipherSuite -9818

Bad SSL cipher suite.

BadConfiguration -9848

Configuration error.

BadRecordMac -9846

Bad Method Authentication Code.

BufferOverflow -9817

The supplied buffer was too small.

CertExpired -9814

The SSL certificate chain has expired.

CertNotYetValid -9815

The SSL certificate chain has a certificate that is not yet valid.

ClosedAbort -9806

The connection was closed due to an error.

ClosedGraceful -9805

The connection was closed gracefully.

ClosedNotNotified -9816

The server closed the session without notification.

ConnectionRefused -9844

The peer dropped the connection prior to responding.

Crypto -9809

Undefined SSL cryptographic error.

DecryptionFail -9845

Decrytion failed.

FatalAlert -9802

Fatal alert.

HostNameMismatch -9843

The host name connected to is not in the certificate.

IllegalParam -9830

A bad parameter was detected.

Internal -9810

Internal error.

ModuleAttach -9811

Module attach error.

Negotiation -9801

Cipher suite negotation failed.

NoRootCert -9813

The certificate chain does not have a root certificate.

PeerAccessDenied -9832

Access was denied.

PeerAuthCompleted -9841

Server certificate was valid or, if verification disabled, was ignored.

PeerBadCert -9825

A bad certificate was encountered.

PeerBadRecordMac -9820

Bad Message Authentication Code encountered.

PeerCertExpired -9828

A certificate has expired.

PeerCertRevoked -9827

A certificate was revoked.

PeerCertUnknown -9829

A certificate is unknown.

PeerClientCertRequested -9842

The server has requested a client certificate.

PeerDecodeError -9833

Decoding error.

PeerDecompressFail -9823

Decompression failure.

PeerDecryptError -9834

Decryption error.

PeerDecryptionFail -9821

Decryption failed.

PeerExportRestriction -9835

An export restriction occurred.

PeerHandshakeFail -9824

The handshake with the peer failed.

PeerInsufficientSecurity -9837

There is insufficient security for the requested operation.

PeerInternalError -9838

There was an internal error at the peer.

PeerNoRenegotiation -9840

Renegotiation is not allowed.

PeerProtocolVersion -9836

Bad protocol version.

PeerRecordOverflow -9822

A record overflow was encountered.

PeerUnexpectedMsg -9819

An unexpected message was received.

PeerUnknownCA -9831

An unknown certificate authority was encountered.

PeerUnsupportedCert -9826

An unsupported certificate was encountered.

PeerUserCancelled -9839

The used cancelled the operation.

Protocol -9800

A general SSL protocol error.

RecordOverflow -9847

A record overflow was encountered.

SessionNotFound -9804

The session could not be found.

SSLBadCertificateStatusResponse -9862

The OCSP response was bad.

SSLCertificateRequired -9863

An SSL certificate is required.

SSLClientHelloReceived -9851

A client hello was received.

SSLConfigurationFailed -9854

SSL configuration failed.

SSLDecodeError -9859

Certificate decoding failed.

SSLDecompressFail -9857

Decompression failed.

SSLHandshakeFail -9858

The SSL handshake could not negotiate a secure connection.

SSLInappropriateFallback -9860

The current SSL request is at a lower version than that of a prior attempt, of which the client is capable.

SSLMissingExtension -9861

A required extension was missing.

SSLNetworkTimeout -9853

The SSL network timed out.

SSLTransportReset -9852

The socket reset.

SSLUnexpectedMessage -9856

An unexpected message was received.

SSLUnknownPskIdentity -9864

An unknown shared key (PSK) or remote password (SRP) identity was encountered.

SSLUnrecognizedName -9865

An unrecognized name was encountered.

SSLUnsupportedExtension -9855

The SSL extension is not supported.

SSLWeakPeerEphemeralDHKey -9850

The Diffie-Hellman ephemeral key was weak.

Success 0

The connection succeeded.

UnexpectedRecord -9849

An unexpected record was encountered.

UnknownRootCert -9812

The root certificate is unknown.

WouldBlock -9803

The SSLHandshake method must be called again.

XCertChainInvalid -9807

The verification of the common name field in the peer's certificate failed.

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