SKCodecResult Enum


Used to describe the result of a call to GetPixels(SKImageInfo, IntPtr, SKCodecOptions) or one of the overloads that accepts a SKCodecOptions.

public enum SKCodecResult


CouldNotRewind 7

Fulfilling this request requires rewinding the input, which is not supported for this input.

ErrorInInput 2

There was an error in the imput data. If returned from an incremental decode, decoding cannot continue, even with more data.

IncompleteInput 1

The input is incomplete. A partial image was generated.

InternalError 8

An internal memory occurred, such as an out-of-memory error.

InvalidConversion 3

The codec cannot convert to match the request, ignoring dimensions.

InvalidInput 6

The input did not contain a valid image.

InvalidParameters 5

The parameters (besides info) are invalid. e.g. null pixels, row bytes too small, etc.

InvalidScale 4

The generator cannot scale to requested size.

Success 0

The general return value for success.

Unimplemented 9

This method is not supported by this codec.


Result is the union of possible results from subclasses.

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