ActivationContext.ContextForm ActivationContext.ContextForm ActivationContext.ContextForm ActivationContext.ContextForm Enum


Indicates the context for a manifest-activated application.

public: enum class ActivationContext::ContextForm
public enum ActivationContext.ContextForm
type ActivationContext.ContextForm = 
Public Enum ActivationContext.ContextForm


Loose Loose Loose Loose 0

The application is not in the ClickOnce store.

StoreBounded StoreBounded StoreBounded StoreBounded 1

The application is contained in the ClickOnce store.


The values of this enumeration specify whether an application has been loaded into the ClickOnce store. A manifest activated application that is not installed in the ClickOnce store is classified as Loose. An example of an application not in the store is a manifest-activated application executing in Visual Studio.

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