WorkflowInstanceState WorkflowInstanceState WorkflowInstanceState WorkflowInstanceState Enum


Specifies the state of a WorkflowInstance.

public enum class WorkflowInstanceState
public enum WorkflowInstanceState
type WorkflowInstanceState = 
Public Enum WorkflowInstanceState


Aborted Aborted Aborted Aborted 3

The WorkflowInstance is aborted. The workflow instance will be in this state after Abort has been called. A workflow in this state is capable of being resumed using Run.

Complete Complete Complete Complete 2

The WorkflowInstance is complete. A workflow in this state has exited, and its Completed delegate or InvokeCompleted event has executed.

Idle Idle Idle Idle 0

The WorkflowInstance is idle. A workflow in this state is waiting on an incoming event, such as when executing a Pick activity, or is waiting for the expiration of a timeout, such as when executing a Delay activity.

Runnable Runnable Runnable Runnable 1

The WorkflowInstance can be run. A workflow in this state has been created but Run has not been called.

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