PersistableIdleAction PersistableIdleAction PersistableIdleAction PersistableIdleAction Enum


Specifies the action that occurs when a workflow becomes idle when persistence is allowed.

public enum class PersistableIdleAction
public enum PersistableIdleAction
type PersistableIdleAction = 
Public Enum PersistableIdleAction


None None None None 0

Specifies that no action is taken.

Persist Persist Persist Persist 2

Specifies that the WorkflowApplication should persist the workflow.

Unload Unload Unload Unload 1

Specifies that the WorkflowApplication should persist and unload the workflow.


The PersistableIdle function is invoked when the scheduler has no more pending work items and the workflow runtime can persist. Note that the Idle function is invoked when persistence is not allowed, and both Idle and PersistableIdle are invoked in that order when persistence is allowed. None is the default action if no PersistableIdle handler is provided.

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