InvokeDelegate.DelegateArguments Property


The arguments to be passed to the ActivityDelegate object.

 property System::Collections::Generic::IDictionary<System::String ^, System::Activities::Argument ^> ^ DelegateArguments { System::Collections::Generic::IDictionary<System::String ^, System::Activities::Argument ^> ^ get(); };
public System.Collections.Generic.IDictionary<string,System.Activities.Argument> DelegateArguments { get; }
member this.DelegateArguments : System.Collections.Generic.IDictionary<string, System.Activities.Argument>
Public ReadOnly Property DelegateArguments As IDictionary(Of String, Argument)

Property Value

The arguments to be passed to the delegate.


The keys are the names of the Argument objects on the ActivityDelegate, and the values are the arguments whose expressions are evaluated and assigned to the corresponding Argument objects.

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