TerminateWorkflow.Reason TerminateWorkflow.Reason TerminateWorkflow.Reason TerminateWorkflow.Reason Property


A string input argument with the reason for the workflow instance termination.

 property System::Activities::InArgument<System::String ^> ^ Reason { System::Activities::InArgument<System::String ^> ^ get(); void set(System::Activities::InArgument<System::String ^> ^ value); };
public System.Activities.InArgument<string> Reason { get; set; }
member this.Reason : System.Activities.InArgument<string> with get, set
Public Property Reason As InArgument(Of String)

Property Value

The reason for workflow termination.


The exception that is passed to Terminate is a WorkflowApplicationTerminatedException if only Reason is set. If only Exception is set, that exception is passed to Terminate. If both Reason and Exception are set, a WorkflowApplicationTerminatedException is passed with the specified Reason, and Exception is set as the exception's InnerException property. If neither is set, a default WorkflowApplicationTerminatedException is created.

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