TrackingProfile TrackingProfile TrackingProfile TrackingProfile Class


Creates a subscription to workflow tracking records in a TrackingParticipant.

public ref class TrackingProfile
public class TrackingProfile
type TrackingProfile = class
Public Class TrackingProfile


The queries defined within the tracking profile define the kinds of events that are returned by the subscription.


TrackingProfile() TrackingProfile() TrackingProfile() TrackingProfile()

Creates a new instance of the TrackingProfile class.


ActivityDefinitionId ActivityDefinitionId ActivityDefinitionId ActivityDefinitionId

Gets or sets the activity definition ID of the tracking profile.

ImplementationVisibility ImplementationVisibility ImplementationVisibility ImplementationVisibility

Gets or sets a value that filters tracking records emitted from nested activities within a top level activity (activities that compose the implementation of another activity.)

Name Name Name Name

Gets the display name of the tracking profile.

Queries Queries Queries Queries

Gets the collection of TrackingQuery objects that define the records to which this tracking profile subscribes.


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