WorkflowInstanceQuery WorkflowInstanceQuery WorkflowInstanceQuery WorkflowInstanceQuery Class


When added to the Queries collection, subscribes to workflow instance records when the tracking profile is created to subscribe to tracking records.

public ref class WorkflowInstanceQuery : System::Activities::Tracking::TrackingQuery
public class WorkflowInstanceQuery : System.Activities.Tracking.TrackingQuery
type WorkflowInstanceQuery = class
    inherit TrackingQuery
Public Class WorkflowInstanceQuery
Inherits TrackingQuery


WorkflowInstanceQuery() WorkflowInstanceQuery() WorkflowInstanceQuery() WorkflowInstanceQuery()

Creates a new instance of the WorkflowInstanceQuery class.


QueryAnnotations QueryAnnotations QueryAnnotations QueryAnnotations

A collection of data in the form of name/value pairs that is included with data that is returned by this query.

(Inherited from TrackingQuery)
States States States States

The subscribed states from the tracked workflow instance when the tracking records are created.


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