WorkflowApplicationIdleEventArgs WorkflowApplicationIdleEventArgs WorkflowApplicationIdleEventArgs WorkflowApplicationIdleEventArgs Class


Holds information about the workflow instance that has become idle.

public ref class WorkflowApplicationIdleEventArgs : System::Activities::WorkflowApplicationEventArgs
public class WorkflowApplicationIdleEventArgs : System.Activities.WorkflowApplicationEventArgs
type WorkflowApplicationIdleEventArgs = class
    inherit WorkflowApplicationEventArgs
Public Class WorkflowApplicationIdleEventArgs
Inherits WorkflowApplicationEventArgs


The following code example inspects the WorkflowApplicationIdleEventArgs passed into the Idle handler of a WorkflowApplication instance. In this example the workflow going idle has one Bookmark with a name of EnterGuess, owned by an activity named ReadInt. This code example is based off of How to: Run a Workflow, which is part of the Getting Started Tutorial [.NET Framework 4.5]. If the Idle handler in that step is modified to contain the code from this example, the following output is displayed.

BookmarkName: EnterGuess - OwnerDisplayName: ReadInt  
wfApp.Idle = delegate(WorkflowApplicationIdleEventArgs e)
    foreach (BookmarkInfo info in e.Bookmarks)
        Console.WriteLine("BookmarkName: {0} - OwnerDisplayName: {1}",
            info.BookmarkName, info.OwnerDisplayName);



Bookmarks Bookmarks Bookmarks Bookmarks

Gets the read-only collection of bookmarks for the workflow instance.

InstanceId InstanceId InstanceId InstanceId

The unique identifier of the workflow instance.

(Inherited from WorkflowApplicationEventArgs)


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