IArrayContract<C> IArrayContract<C> IArrayContract<C> IArrayContract<C> Interface


Represents a generic array of IContract objects.

generic <typename C>
 where C : IContractpublic interface class IArrayContract : System::AddIn::Contract::Collections::IEnumerableContract<C>
public interface IArrayContract<C> : System.AddIn.Contract.Collections.IEnumerableContract<C> where C : IContract
type IArrayContract<'C (requires 'C :> IContract)> = interface
    interface IEnumerableContract<'C (requires 'C :> IContract)>
    interface IContract
Public Interface IArrayContract(Of C)
Implements IEnumerableContract(Of C)

Type Parameters


The type of elements in the array. C must implement the IContract interface.



Use an IArrayContract<C> to pass an array of IContract objects between contracts by reference.

An IArrayContract<C> does not dynamically resize itself.


AcquireLifetimeToken() AcquireLifetimeToken() AcquireLifetimeToken() AcquireLifetimeToken()

Specifies that the contract is accessible to a client until the client revokes the contract.

(Inherited from IContract)
GetCount() GetCount() GetCount() GetCount()

Returns the number of elements contained in the IArrayContract<C>.

GetEnumeratorContract() GetEnumeratorContract() GetEnumeratorContract() GetEnumeratorContract()

Returns an enumerator that iterates through the collection.

(Inherited from IEnumerableContract<C>)
GetItem(Int32) GetItem(Int32) GetItem(Int32) GetItem(Int32)

Returns the element at the specified index.

GetRemoteHashCode() GetRemoteHashCode() GetRemoteHashCode() GetRemoteHashCode()

Returns a hash code for the IContract.

(Inherited from IContract)
QueryContract(String) QueryContract(String) QueryContract(String) QueryContract(String)

Returns a contract that is implemented by this contract.

(Inherited from IContract)
RemoteEquals(IContract) RemoteEquals(IContract) RemoteEquals(IContract) RemoteEquals(IContract)

Indicates whether the specified contract is equal to this IContract.

(Inherited from IContract)
RemoteToString() RemoteToString() RemoteToString() RemoteToString()

Returns a string representation of the current IContract.

(Inherited from IContract)
RevokeLifetimeToken(Int32) RevokeLifetimeToken(Int32) RevokeLifetimeToken(Int32) RevokeLifetimeToken(Int32)

Specifies that the contract is no longer accessible to a client.

(Inherited from IContract)
SetItem(Int32, C) SetItem(Int32, C) SetItem(Int32, C) SetItem(Int32, C)

Replaces the element at the specified index with the specified IContract.

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