IProfferServiceContract Interface


Enables clients to provide custom services to components on which the contract is implemented.

public interface class IProfferServiceContract : System::AddIn::Contract::IContract
public interface IProfferServiceContract : System.AddIn.Contract.IContract
type IProfferServiceContract = interface
    interface IContract
Public Interface IProfferServiceContract
Implements IContract


A component implements IProfferServiceContract to enable clients to offer services to the component. After a service has been offered to a component, other clients of the component can access the service. Components typically implement IProfferServiceContract on the same type on which they implement IServiceProviderContract.

Clients use the ProfferService method to add an IServiceProviderContract to the set of service providers offered by a component. Clients use the RevokeService method to remove an IServiceProviderContract from the set of service providers offered by a component.



Specifies that the contract is accessible to a client until the client revokes the contract.

(Inherited from IContract)

Returns a hash code for the IContract.

(Inherited from IContract)
ProfferService(String, IServiceProviderContract)

Adds a service to the set of services that can be accessed by clients of a component.


Returns a contract that is implemented by this contract.

(Inherited from IContract)

Indicates whether the specified contract is equal to this IContract.

(Inherited from IContract)

Returns a string representation of the current IContract.

(Inherited from IContract)

Specifies that the contract is no longer accessible to a client.

(Inherited from IContract)

Removes a service from the set of services offered by a component.

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