RemoteArgument.RemoteArgumentKind Property


Gets a RemoteArgumentKind that indicates the kind of argument that the RemoteArgument represents.

 property System::AddIn::Contract::RemoteArgumentKind RemoteArgumentKind { System::AddIn::Contract::RemoteArgumentKind get(); };
public System.AddIn.Contract.RemoteArgumentKind RemoteArgumentKind { get; }
member this.RemoteArgumentKind : System.AddIn.Contract.RemoteArgumentKind
Public ReadOnly Property RemoteArgumentKind As RemoteArgumentKind

Property Value

One of the RemoteArgumentKind values that indicates whether the RemoteArgument represents an intrinsic type, an array of intrinsic types, an IContract, or the Missing value.


An intrinsic data type is a primitive data type (that is, the Type.IsPrimitive property of the type is true) or a String, Decimal, DateTime, or DBNull.

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