SortedSet<T>.GetEnumerator Method


Returns an enumerator that iterates through the SortedSet<T>.

 System::Collections::Generic::SortedSet<T>::Enumerator GetEnumerator();
public System.Collections.Generic.SortedSet<T>.Enumerator GetEnumerator ();
member this.GetEnumerator : unit -> System.Collections.Generic.SortedSet<'T>.Enumerator
Public Function GetEnumerator () As SortedSet(Of T).Enumerator


An enumerator that iterates through the SortedSet<T> in sorted order.


An enumerator remains valid as long as the collection remains unchanged. If changes are made to the collection, such as adding, modifying, or deleting elements, the enumerator is irrecoverably invalidated and the next call to MoveNext or IEnumerator.Reset throws an InvalidOperationException.

This method is an O(log n) operation.

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