DataObjectMethodAttribute.IsDefault Property


Gets a value indicating whether the method that the DataObjectMethodAttribute is applied to is the default data method exposed by the data object for a specific method type.

 property bool IsDefault { bool get(); };
public bool IsDefault { get; }
member this.IsDefault : bool
Public ReadOnly Property IsDefault As Boolean

Property Value


true if the method is the default method exposed by the object for a method type; otherwise, false.


The ObjectDataSource control uses the IsDefault property to distinguish between multiple methods that match the signature requirements for a specific method type. If two methods match the signature requirements, the method with the IsDefault property set to true is selected.

At design-time the IsDefault property is used to automatically set the SelectMethod, UpdateMethod, DeleteMethod, and InsertMethod properties on an ObjectDataSource instance.

If the DataObjectMethodAttribute is created using the DataObjectMethodAttribute(DataObjectMethodType) constructor that only takes a DataObjectMethodType parameter, the IsDefault property is set to false.

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