ComponentDesigner.PreFilterProperties(IDictionary) Method


Allows a designer to add to the set of properties that it exposes through a TypeDescriptor.

 virtual void PreFilterProperties(System::Collections::IDictionary ^ properties);
protected virtual void PreFilterProperties (System.Collections.IDictionary properties);
abstract member PreFilterProperties : System.Collections.IDictionary -> unit
override this.PreFilterProperties : System.Collections.IDictionary -> unit
Protected Overridable Sub PreFilterProperties (properties As IDictionary)



The properties for the class of the component.



This method provides a way to add items to the dictionary of properties that a designer exposes through a TypeDescriptor.

The keys in the dictionary of properties are the names of the properties. The objects are of type PropertyDescriptor. This method is called immediately before the PostFilterProperties method.

Notes to Inheritors

You can directly modify the dictionary that is accessible through the properties parameter, or you can leave it unchanged. If you override this method, call the base implementation before you perform your own filtering.

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