DesignerActionUIService DesignerActionUIService DesignerActionUIService DesignerActionUIService Class


Manages the user interface (UI) for a smart tag panel. This class cannot be inherited.

public ref class DesignerActionUIService sealed : IDisposable
public sealed class DesignerActionUIService : IDisposable
type DesignerActionUIService = class
    interface IDisposable
Public NotInheritable Class DesignerActionUIService
Implements IDisposable


The following code example demonstrates how to use the Refresh method to update a smart tag panel. This example is part of a larger example available in the DesignerActionService class overview.

// Boolean properties are automatically displayed with binary 
// UI (such as a checkbox).
public bool LockColors
        return colLabel.ColorLocked;
        GetPropertyByName("ColorLocked").SetValue(colLabel, value);

        // Refresh the list.
'Boolean properties are automatically displayed with binary 
' UI (such as a checkbox).
Public Property LockColors() As Boolean
        Return colLabel.ColorLocked
    End Get
    Set(ByVal value As Boolean)
        GetPropertyByName("ColorLocked").SetValue(colLabel, value)

        ' Refresh the list.
    End Set
End Property


You can control the display of your designer's ActionLists with the DesignerActionUIService class. DesignerActionUIService provides a straightforward interface for displaying the items for each component, including the following methods and events:

Use the DesignerActionService to manage the DesignerActionList collections associated with your component.


Dispose() Dispose() Dispose() Dispose()

Releases all resources used by the DesignerActionUIService class.

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GetType() GetType() GetType() GetType()

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HideUI(IComponent) HideUI(IComponent) HideUI(IComponent) HideUI(IComponent)

Hides the smart tag panel for a component.

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Refresh(IComponent) Refresh(IComponent) Refresh(IComponent) Refresh(IComponent)

Updates the smart tag panel.

ShouldAutoShow(IComponent) ShouldAutoShow(IComponent) ShouldAutoShow(IComponent) ShouldAutoShow(IComponent)

Indicates whether to automatically show the smart tag panel.

ShowUI(IComponent) ShowUI(IComponent) ShowUI(IComponent) ShowUI(IComponent)

Displays the smart tag panel for a component.

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DesignerActionUIStateChange DesignerActionUIStateChange DesignerActionUIStateChange DesignerActionUIStateChange

Occurs when a request is made to show or hide a smart tag panel.

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