IMenuCommandService.GlobalInvoke(CommandID) IMenuCommandService.GlobalInvoke(CommandID) IMenuCommandService.GlobalInvoke(CommandID) Method


Invokes a menu or designer verb command matching the specified command ID.

 bool GlobalInvoke(System::ComponentModel::Design::CommandID ^ commandID);
public bool GlobalInvoke (System.ComponentModel.Design.CommandID commandID);
abstract member GlobalInvoke : System.ComponentModel.Design.CommandID -> bool


CommandID CommandID CommandID

The CommandID of the command to search for and execute.


true if the command was found and invoked successfully; otherwise, false.


This method searches for a menu command or designer verb with a CommandID matching the specified CommandID. This method first searches within the designer verbs collection consisting of global and active designer-provided verbs before continuing the search, if necessary, through the global environment command service. If a matching menu command or designer verb is located, the command is invoked.

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