MenuCommandService.Verbs Property


Gets a collection of the designer verbs that are currently available.

 virtual property System::ComponentModel::Design::DesignerVerbCollection ^ Verbs { System::ComponentModel::Design::DesignerVerbCollection ^ get(); };
public virtual System.ComponentModel.Design.DesignerVerbCollection Verbs { get; }
member this.Verbs : System.ComponentModel.Design.DesignerVerbCollection
Public Overridable ReadOnly Property Verbs As DesignerVerbCollection

Property Value


A DesignerVerbCollection of the designer verbs that are currently available.



The Verbs property provides a collection of verbs. These verbs come from two places:

  • Verbs added through the AddVerb method of Verbs.

  • Verbs offered by the currently selected designer.

Verbs added to this service through the AddVerb method are called global verbs because they are global to this service, but generally there is one instance of this service for each tool or document window. Designer verbs are obtained by querying the service provider for IDesignerHost and ISelectionService. If the selection service offers a primary selection, and a designer can be obtained for that selection from IDesignerHost, the designer's verbs are added to this list. If the name of a global verb conflicts with the name of a designer verb, the designer-provided designer verb takes precedence.

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