StandardToolWindows StandardToolWindows StandardToolWindows StandardToolWindows Class


Defines GUID identifiers that correspond to the standard set of tool windows that are available in the design environment.

public ref class StandardToolWindows
public class StandardToolWindows
type StandardToolWindows = class
Public Class StandardToolWindows


The following code example demonstrates how to use StandardToolWindows to display a standard tool window. This code example is part of a larger example provided for the IUIService interface.

IUIService^ UIservice = dynamic_cast<IUIService^>(this->GetService( System::Windows::Forms::Design::IUIService::typeid ));
if ( UIservice != nullptr )
      UIservice->ShowToolWindow( StandardToolWindows::TaskList );
IUIService UIservice = (IUIService)this.GetService( 
    typeof( System.Windows.Forms.Design.IUIService ) );
if( UIservice != null )            
Dim UIservice As IUIService = CType(Me.GetService( _
    GetType(System.Windows.Forms.Design.IUIService)), IUIService)
If (UIservice IsNot Nothing) Then
End If


These GUIDs can be used to access the standard tool windows that are available to the design-time environment.


StandardToolWindows() StandardToolWindows() StandardToolWindows() StandardToolWindows()

Initializes a new instance of the StandardToolWindows class.


ObjectBrowser ObjectBrowser ObjectBrowser ObjectBrowser

Gets the GUID for the object browser. This field is read-only.

OutputWindow OutputWindow OutputWindow OutputWindow

Gets the GUID for the output window. This field is read-only.

ProjectExplorer ProjectExplorer ProjectExplorer ProjectExplorer

Gets the GUID for the solution explorer. This field is read-only.

PropertyBrowser PropertyBrowser PropertyBrowser PropertyBrowser

Gets the GUID for the Properties window. This field is read-only.

RelatedLinks RelatedLinks RelatedLinks RelatedLinks

Gets the GUID for the related links frame. This field is read-only.

ServerExplorer ServerExplorer ServerExplorer ServerExplorer

Gets the GUID for the server explorer. This field is read-only.

TaskList TaskList TaskList TaskList

Gets the GUID for the task list. This field is read-only.

Toolbox Toolbox Toolbox Toolbox

Gets the GUID for the Toolbox. This field is read-only.


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