IEditableCollectionViewAddNewItem.CanAddNewItem Property


Gets a value that indicates whether a specified object can be added to the collection.

 property bool CanAddNewItem { bool get(); };
public bool CanAddNewItem { get; }
member this.CanAddNewItem : bool
Public ReadOnly Property CanAddNewItem As Boolean

Property Value

true if a specified object can be added to the collection; otherwise, false.


If the CanAddNewItem property is true, you can specify an object to add to the collection by calling the AddNewItem method. CanAddNewItem is false if items cannot be added to the collection by using AddNewItem. If CanAddNewItem is false, you may still be able to add an object by using the IEditableCollectionView.AddNew method. For example, you can add objects to an ADO.NET source by using AddNew, but not by using AddNewItem.

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