RefreshEventArgs RefreshEventArgs RefreshEventArgs RefreshEventArgs Class


Provides data for the Refreshed event.

public ref class RefreshEventArgs : EventArgs
public class RefreshEventArgs : EventArgs
type RefreshEventArgs = class
    inherit EventArgs
Public Class RefreshEventArgs
Inherits EventArgs


For an example of the RefreshEventArgs class, see the sample code in the RefreshEventHandler delegate.


Typically, component information does not change for the life of a process. During design time, however, you can change the component's properties or events. As a result, the component's information in TypeDescriptor becomes out-of-date, and a Refreshed event is raised. A Refreshed event is also raised when a Type is changed during design time.

A RefreshEventArgs object specifies the data associated with the Refreshed event; that is, the component and the type of component that changed.

The RefreshEventArgs class provides ComponentChanged and TypeChanged properties to get the component or type that raised the event.


RefreshEventArgs(Object) RefreshEventArgs(Object) RefreshEventArgs(Object) RefreshEventArgs(Object)

Initializes a new instance of the RefreshEventArgs class with the component that has changed.

RefreshEventArgs(Type) RefreshEventArgs(Type) RefreshEventArgs(Type) RefreshEventArgs(Type)

Initializes a new instance of the RefreshEventArgs class with the type of component that has changed.


ComponentChanged ComponentChanged ComponentChanged ComponentChanged

Gets the component that changed its properties, events, or extenders.

TypeChanged TypeChanged TypeChanged TypeChanged

Gets the Type that changed its properties or events.


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