TypeDescriptor.GetAssociation(Type, Object) TypeDescriptor.GetAssociation(Type, Object) TypeDescriptor.GetAssociation(Type, Object) Method


Returns an instance of the type associated with the specified primary object.

 static System::Object ^ GetAssociation(Type ^ type, System::Object ^ primary);
public static object GetAssociation (Type type, object primary);
static member GetAssociation : Type * obj -> obj


Type Type Type

The Type of the target component.

Object Object Object

The primary object of the association.


An instance of the secondary type that has been associated with the primary object if an association exists; otherwise, primary if no specified association exists.


One or both of the parameters are null.


If a previous association has been made for the type parameter using the CreateAssociation method, then the GetAssociation method returns the correct secondary object to invoke for the requested type. Otherwise, GetAssociation searches for a compatible designer for type and returns the designer if one is found. This method never returns null.

A WeakReference is used to maintain the association between the primary and secondary object; therefore, this method does not prevent either the primary or secondary object from being finalized and reclaimed by garbage collection.

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