IApplicationSettingsProvider.Reset(SettingsContext) Method


Resets the application settings associated with the specified application to their default values.

 void Reset(System::Configuration::SettingsContext ^ context);
public void Reset (System.Configuration.SettingsContext context);
abstract member Reset : System.Configuration.SettingsContext -> unit
Public Sub Reset (context As SettingsContext)



A SettingsContext describing the current application usage.


The Reset method reinitializes the stored values of the specified application settings group. In contrast, DefaultSettingValueAttribute supplies a default value for a single settings property during property initialization, if it has no stored value.

The settings provider determines what reasonable defaults are for the specified group of application settings. For example, the implementation in LocalFileSettingsProvider resets user-scoped settings to their shared values in the application.exe.config file; in contrast, it leaves the application-scoped settings unchanged.

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