IgnoreSectionHandler IgnoreSectionHandler IgnoreSectionHandler IgnoreSectionHandler Class


Provides a legacy section-handler definition for configuration sections that are not handled by the System.Configuration types.

public ref class IgnoreSectionHandler : System::Configuration::IConfigurationSectionHandler
public class IgnoreSectionHandler : System.Configuration.IConfigurationSectionHandler
type IgnoreSectionHandler = class
    interface IConfigurationSectionHandler
Public Class IgnoreSectionHandler
Implements IConfigurationSectionHandler


The configuration system completely parses configuration files to collect configuration information and throws exceptions when it encounters configuration sections that do not have a corresponding entry in the configSections section.

For those sections not handled by the System.Configuration types, the new wrapper type IgnoreSection is provided. This is to prevent configuration-file parsing exceptions.

For legacy purposes the IgnoreSectionHandler is also provided.


IgnoreSectionHandler() IgnoreSectionHandler() IgnoreSectionHandler() IgnoreSectionHandler()

Initializes a new instance of the IgnoreSectionHandler class.


Create(Object, Object, XmlNode) Create(Object, Object, XmlNode) Create(Object, Object, XmlNode) Create(Object, Object, XmlNode)

Creates a new configuration handler and adds the specified configuration object to the section-handler collection.

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