ISettingsProviderService Interface


Provides an interface for defining an alternate application settings provider.

public interface class ISettingsProviderService
public interface ISettingsProviderService
type ISettingsProviderService = interface
Public Interface ISettingsProviderService


The IPersistComponentSettings interface enables controls and components hosted in an application to persist their application settings in a manner largely transparent to the application. However, in some cases, the application or environment may need to override the settings provider natively used by a component with one of its own choosing. The ISettingsProviderService interface enables the creation of a lightweight service that communicates such an alternate settings provider, typically offered through the owning Container.

ISettingsProviderService is commonly used by design-time tools and debuggers that provide special support for application settings. To make such an arrangement function seamlessly, the ApplicationSettingsBase class contains constructors that take a reference to the owning component. These constructors automatically query for compatible settings providers.



Returns the settings provider compatible with the specified settings property.

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