SectionInformation.OverrideModeDefault Property


Gets or sets a value that specifies the default override behavior of a configuration section by child configuration files.

 property System::Configuration::OverrideMode OverrideModeDefault { System::Configuration::OverrideMode get(); void set(System::Configuration::OverrideMode value); };
public System.Configuration.OverrideMode OverrideModeDefault { get; set; }
member this.OverrideModeDefault : System.Configuration.OverrideMode with get, set
Public Property OverrideModeDefault As OverrideMode

Property Value


One of the OverrideMode enumeration values.


The override behavior is specified in a parent configuration section.


The OverrideModeDefault property of a configuration section can only be set to the Allow or Deny value of the OverrideMode enumeration. Setting the OverrideModeDefault property to Inherit is equivalent to setting the value to Allow.

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