DbExpressionKind DbExpressionKind DbExpressionKind DbExpressionKind Enum


Contains values that each expression class uses to denote the operation it represents. The ExpressionKind property of an DbExpression can be retrieved to determine which operation that expression represents.

public enum class DbExpressionKind
public enum DbExpressionKind
type DbExpressionKind = 
Public Enum DbExpressionKind


All All All All 0

true-for-all expressions.

And And And And 1

Logical AND expressions.

Any Any Any Any 2

true-for-any expressions.

Case Case Case Case 3

Conditional case statement expressions.

Cast Cast Cast Cast 4

Polymorphic type cast expressions.

Constant Constant Constant Constant 5

Constant value expressions.

CrossApply CrossApply CrossApply CrossApply 6

Cross apply expressions.

CrossJoin CrossJoin CrossJoin CrossJoin 7

Cross join expressions.

Deref Deref Deref Deref 8

Dereference expressions.

Distinct Distinct Distinct Distinct 9

Duplicate removal expressions.

Divide Divide Divide Divide 10

Division expressions.

Element Element Element Element 11

Set-to-singleton conversion expressions.

EntityRef EntityRef EntityRef EntityRef 12

Entity reference value retrieval expressions.

Equals Equals Equals Equals 13

Equality expressions.

Except Except Except Except 14

Set subtraction expressions.

Filter Filter Filter Filter 15

Restriction expressions.

FullOuterJoin FullOuterJoin FullOuterJoin FullOuterJoin 16

Full outer join expressions.

Function Function Function Function 17

Standalone function expressions.

GreaterThan GreaterThan GreaterThan GreaterThan 18

Greater than expressions.

GreaterThanOrEquals GreaterThanOrEquals GreaterThanOrEquals GreaterThanOrEquals 19

Greater than or equal expressions.

GroupBy GroupBy GroupBy GroupBy 20

Grouping expressions.

InnerJoin InnerJoin InnerJoin InnerJoin 21

Inner join expressions.

Intersect Intersect Intersect Intersect 22

Set intersection expressions.

IsEmpty IsEmpty IsEmpty IsEmpty 23

Empty set determination expressions.

IsNull IsNull IsNull IsNull 24

Null determination expressions.

IsOf IsOf IsOf IsOf 25

Type comparison (specified Type or Subtype) expressions.

IsOfOnly IsOfOnly IsOfOnly IsOfOnly 26

Type comparison (specified Type only) expressions.

Lambda Lambda Lambda Lambda 57

Lambda function expressions.

LeftOuterJoin LeftOuterJoin LeftOuterJoin LeftOuterJoin 27

Left outer join expressions.

LessThan LessThan LessThan LessThan 28

Less than expressions.

LessThanOrEquals LessThanOrEquals LessThanOrEquals LessThanOrEquals 29

Less than or equal expressions.

Like Like Like Like 30

String comparison expressions.

Limit Limit Limit Limit 31

Result count restriction (TOP n).

Minus Minus Minus Minus 32

Subtraction expressions.

Modulo Modulo Modulo Modulo 33

Modulo expressions.

Multiply Multiply Multiply Multiply 34

Multiplication expressions.

NewInstance NewInstance NewInstance NewInstance 35

Instance, row, and set construction expressions.

Not Not Not Not 36

Logical NOT expressions.

NotEquals NotEquals NotEquals NotEquals 37

Inequality expressions.

Null Null Null Null 38

Null expressions.

OfType OfType OfType OfType 39

Set members by type (or subtype) expressions.

OfTypeOnly OfTypeOnly OfTypeOnly OfTypeOnly 40

Set members by exact type expressions.

Or Or Or Or 41

Logical OR expressions.

OuterApply OuterApply OuterApply OuterApply 42

Outer apply expressions

ParameterReference ParameterReference ParameterReference ParameterReference 43

Reference to a parameter expressions.

Plus Plus Plus Plus 44

Addition expressions.

Project Project Project Project 45

Projection expressions.

Property Property Property Property 46

Static or instance property retrieval expressions.

Ref Ref Ref Ref 47

Reference expressions.

RefKey RefKey RefKey RefKey 48

Ref key value retrieval expressions.

RelationshipNavigation RelationshipNavigation RelationshipNavigation RelationshipNavigation 49

Relationship (composition or association) navigation expressions.

Scan Scan Scan Scan 50

Entity or relationship set scan expressions.

Skip Skip Skip Skip 51

Skip elements of an ordered collection.

Sort Sort Sort Sort 52

Sorting expressions.

Treat Treat Treat Treat 53

Type conversion expressions.

UnaryMinus UnaryMinus UnaryMinus UnaryMinus 54

Negation expressions.

UnionAll UnionAll UnionAll UnionAll 55

Set union (with duplicates) expressions.

VariableReference VariableReference VariableReference VariableReference 56

Reference to a variable expressions.


Use the DbExpressionKind enumeration to specify the various kinds of expressions. The Members table lists the functions that are members of this class and the type of expressions they specify.

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