DataAdapter.TableMappings DataAdapter.TableMappings DataAdapter.TableMappings DataAdapter.TableMappings Property


Gets a collection that provides the master mapping between a source table and a DataTable.

 property System::Data::Common::DataTableMappingCollection ^ TableMappings { System::Data::Common::DataTableMappingCollection ^ get(); };
public System.Data.Common.DataTableMappingCollection TableMappings { get; }
member this.TableMappings : System.Data.Common.DataTableMappingCollection
Public ReadOnly Property TableMappings As DataTableMappingCollection

Property Value

A collection that provides the master mapping between the returned records and the DataSet. The default value is an empty collection.


The following example uses a derived class, OleDbDataAdapter, to add DataTableMapping objects to its TableMappings collection and display a list of those mapped source tables. This example assumes that an OleDbDataAdapter has already been created.

public void ShowTableMappings() {
   // ...
   // create myDataAdapter
   // ...
   string myMessage = "Table Mappings:\n";
   for(int i=0;i < myDataAdapter.TableMappings.Count;i++) {
      myMessage += i.ToString() + " "
         + myDataAdapter.TableMappings[i].ToString() + "\n";
Public Sub ShowTableMappings()
    ' ...
    ' create myDataAdapter
    ' ...
    myDataAdapter.TableMappings.Add("Categories", "DataCategories")
    myDataAdapter.TableMappings.Add("Orders", "DataOrders")
    myDataAdapter.TableMappings.Add("Products", "DataProducts")
    Dim myMessage As String = "Table Mappings:" + ControlChars.Cr
    Dim i As Integer
    For i = 0 To myDataAdapter.TableMappings.Count - 1
        myMessage += i.ToString() + " " _
           + myDataAdapter.TableMappings(i).ToString() + ControlChars.Cr
    Next i
End Sub


When reconciling changes, the DataAdapter uses the DataTableMappingCollection collection to associate the column names used by the data source with the column names used by the DataSet.

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