DataTable.ExtendedProperties Property


Gets the collection of customized user information.

 property System::Data::PropertyCollection ^ ExtendedProperties { System::Data::PropertyCollection ^ get(); };
public System.Data.PropertyCollection ExtendedProperties { get; }
public System.Data.PropertyCollection ExtendedProperties { get; }
member this.ExtendedProperties : System.Data.PropertyCollection
Public ReadOnly Property ExtendedProperties As PropertyCollection

Property Value

A PropertyCollection that contains custom user information.



The following example adds a timestamp value to the DataTable through the ExtendedProperties property.

private void GetAndSetExtendedProperties(DataTable myTable){
   // Add an item to the collection.
   myTable.ExtendedProperties.Add("TimeStamp", DateTime.Now);
   // Print the item.
Private Sub GetAndSetExtendedProperties(ByVal myTable As DataTable)
   ' Add an item to the collection.
   myTable.ExtendedProperties.Add("TimeStamp", DateTime.Now)
   ' Print the item.
End Sub


Use the ExtendedProperties to add custom information to a DataTable. Add information with the Add method. Retrieve information with the Item method.

Extended properties must be of type String. Properties that are not of type String are not persisted when the DataTable is written as XML.

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