PluralizationService PluralizationService PluralizationService PluralizationService Class


Provides methods for constructing plural and singular forms of words.

public ref class PluralizationService abstract
public abstract class PluralizationService
type PluralizationService = class
Public MustInherit Class PluralizationService


The PluralizationService class applies English rules for constructing plural and singular forms of words. To extend the service to other languages, use the PluralizationService on the EntityModelSchemaGenerator class.


PluralizationService() PluralizationService() PluralizationService() PluralizationService()

Initializes a new instance of the PluralizationService class.


Culture Culture Culture Culture

Gets or sets the PluralizationService culture.


CreateService(CultureInfo) CreateService(CultureInfo) CreateService(CultureInfo) CreateService(CultureInfo)

Creates a PluralizationService that applies language rules that correspond to the specified CultureInfo.

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IsPlural(String) IsPlural(String) IsPlural(String) IsPlural(String)

Determines whether the specified word is plural.

IsSingular(String) IsSingular(String) IsSingular(String) IsSingular(String)

Determines whether the specified word is singular.

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Pluralize(String) Pluralize(String) Pluralize(String) Pluralize(String)

Returns the plural form of the specified word

Singularize(String) Singularize(String) Singularize(String) Singularize(String)

Returns the singular form of the specified word.

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