IManifestTokenResolver IManifestTokenResolver IManifestTokenResolver Interface


A service for getting a provider manifest token given a connection. The DefaultManifestTokenResolver class is used by default and makes use of the underlying provider to get the token which often involves opening the connection. A different implementation can be used instead by adding an IDbDependencyResolver to DbConfiguration that may use any information in the connection to return the token. For example, if the connection is known to point to a SQL Server 2008 database then "2008" can be returned without opening the connection.

public interface IManifestTokenResolver
type IManifestTokenResolver = interface
Public Interface IManifestTokenResolver


ResolveManifestToken(DbConnection) ResolveManifestToken(DbConnection) ResolveManifestToken(DbConnection)

Returns the manifest token to use for the given connection.

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