EntityKey.NoEntitySetKey Field


A singleton EntityKey by which a read-only entity is identified.

public: static initonly System::Data::EntityKey ^ NoEntitySetKey;
public static readonly System.Data.EntityKey NoEntitySetKey;
 staticval mutable NoEntitySetKey : System.Data.EntityKey
Public Shared ReadOnly NoEntitySetKey As EntityKey 

Field Value


A read-only entity identifies an entity that is valid in every way, except that it is not associated with an actual entity set. This can occur as part of the result of an Entity SQL query that constructs and returns an entity instance specified within the text of the query (as opposed to an entity that was retrieved from a database table). An entity that does not have an entity set cannot be persisted to the database until it is associated with some entity set. Therefore, the object materializer will treat this kind of entity as if the NoTracking merge option was specified, regardless of the actual merge option that was specified. An entity object will be created, but its identity will not be resolved and it will not be added to the state manager as part of the materialization process.

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