ITable.GetOriginalEntityState(Object) Method


Retrieves original values.

 System::Object ^ GetOriginalEntityState(System::Object ^ entity);
public object GetOriginalEntityState (object entity);
abstract member GetOriginalEntityState : obj -> obj
Public Function GetOriginalEntityState (entity As Object) As Object



The entity whose original value is to be retrieved.



A copy of the original entity. The value is null if the entity passed in is not tracked. Disconnected entities sent back by a client must be attached before the DataContext can begin to track their state. The "original state" of a newly attached entity is established based on values supplied by the client. The data context does not track the state of disconnected entities.


Note the following:

  • The entity argument must be non-null. Otherwise, a null argument exception is thrown.

  • In the case of the strongly typed (TEntity) method, the type must be mapped and must be an entity type. That is, it must have object ID information in its mapping. Otherwise, a wrong type exception is thrown.

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