MissingMappingAction MissingMappingAction MissingMappingAction MissingMappingAction Enum


Determines the action that occurs when a mapping is missing from a source table or a source column.

public enum class MissingMappingAction
public enum MissingMappingAction
type MissingMappingAction = 
Public Enum MissingMappingAction


Error Error Error Error 3

An InvalidOperationException is generated if the specified column mapping is missing.

Ignore Ignore Ignore Ignore 2

The column or table not having a mapping is ignored. Returns null.

Passthrough Passthrough Passthrough Passthrough 1

The source column or source table is created and added to the DataSet using its original name.


The MissingMappingAction values are used as arguments in the GetColumnMappingBySchemaAction method, and the GetTableMappingBySchemaAction method.

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