DataServiceContext.MergeOption Property


Gets or sets the synchronization option for receiving entities from a data service.

 property System::Data::Services::Client::MergeOption MergeOption { System::Data::Services::Client::MergeOption get(); void set(System::Data::Services::Client::MergeOption value); };
public System.Data.Services.Client.MergeOption MergeOption { get; set; }
member this.MergeOption : System.Data.Services.Client.MergeOption with get, set
Public Property MergeOption As MergeOption

Property Value


One of the members of the MergeOption enumeration.


This value is read by the deserialization component of the client before materializing objects. Set this property to the appropriate materialization option before executing any queries or updates to the data service. The default value is AppendOnly.

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