SyndicationTextContentKind SyndicationTextContentKind SyndicationTextContentKind SyndicationTextContentKind Enum


Enumeration used to identify text content of syndication item.

public enum class SyndicationTextContentKind
public enum SyndicationTextContentKind
type SyndicationTextContentKind = 
Public Enum SyndicationTextContentKind


Html Html Html Html 1

HTML content.

Plaintext Plaintext Plaintext Plaintext 0

Plain text content.

Xhtml Xhtml Xhtml Xhtml 2

XHTML content.


When you specify a value of Xhtml for the TargetTextContentKind attribute, you must ensure that the property value contains properly formatted XML. The data service returns the value without performing any transformations. You must also ensure that any XML element prefixes in the returned XML have a namespace URI and prefix defined in the mapped feed.

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