ServiceOperationResultKind ServiceOperationResultKind ServiceOperationResultKind ServiceOperationResultKind Enum


An enumeration that describes the kind of results that a service operation provides.

public enum class ServiceOperationResultKind
public enum ServiceOperationResultKind
type ServiceOperationResultKind = 
Public Enum ServiceOperationResultKind


DirectValue DirectValue DirectValue DirectValue 0

A single value that cannot be further composed.

Enumeration Enumeration Enumeration Enumeration 1

An enumeration of values that cannot be further composed.

QueryWithMultipleResults QueryWithMultipleResults QueryWithMultipleResults QueryWithMultipleResults 2

A queryable object that returns multiple elements.

QueryWithSingleResult QueryWithSingleResult QueryWithSingleResult QueryWithSingleResult 3

A query that returns a single item.

Void Void Void Void 4

No results.

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