SqlDataSourceEnumerator SqlDataSourceEnumerator SqlDataSourceEnumerator SqlDataSourceEnumerator Class


Provides a mechanism for enumerating all available instances of SQL Server within the local network.

public ref class SqlDataSourceEnumerator sealed : System::Data::Common::DbDataSourceEnumerator
public sealed class SqlDataSourceEnumerator : System.Data.Common.DbDataSourceEnumerator
type SqlDataSourceEnumerator = class
    inherit DbDataSourceEnumerator
Public NotInheritable Class SqlDataSourceEnumerator
Inherits DbDataSourceEnumerator


SQL Server makes it possible for applications to determine the existence of its instances within the current network. The SqlDataSourceEnumerator class exposes this information to the application developer, providing a DataTable containing information about all the available servers. This returned table contains a list of server instances that matches the list provided when a user attempts to create a new connection, and on the Connection Properties dialog box, expands the drop-down list containing all the available servers.


Instance Instance Instance Instance

Gets an instance of the SqlDataSourceEnumerator, which can be used to retrieve information about available SQL Server instances.


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GetDataSources() GetDataSources() GetDataSources() GetDataSources()

Retrieves a DataTable containing information about all visible SQL Server instances.

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