SqlAuthenticationMethod SqlAuthenticationMethod SqlAuthenticationMethod SqlAuthenticationMethod Enum


Describes the different SQL authentication methods that can be used by a client connecting to Azure SQL Database. For details, see Connecting to SQL Database By Using Azure Active Directory Authentication.

public enum class SqlAuthenticationMethod
public enum SqlAuthenticationMethod
type SqlAuthenticationMethod = 
Public Enum SqlAuthenticationMethod


ActiveDirectoryIntegrated ActiveDirectoryIntegrated ActiveDirectoryIntegrated ActiveDirectoryIntegrated 3

The authentication method uses Active Directory Integrated. Use Active Directory Integrated to connect to a SQL Database using integrated Windows authentication.

ActiveDirectoryInteractive ActiveDirectoryInteractive ActiveDirectoryInteractive ActiveDirectoryInteractive 4

The authentication method uses Active Directory Interactive. Available since the .NET Framework 4.7.2.

ActiveDirectoryPassword ActiveDirectoryPassword ActiveDirectoryPassword ActiveDirectoryPassword 2

The authentication method uses Active Directory Password. Use Active Directory Password to connect to a SQL Database using an Azure AD principal name and password.

NotSpecified NotSpecified NotSpecified NotSpecified 0

The authentication method is not specified.

SqlPassword SqlPassword SqlPassword SqlPassword 1

The authentication method is Sql Password.

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