SqlNotificationSource SqlNotificationSource SqlNotificationSource SqlNotificationSource Enum


Indicates the source of the notification received by the dependency event handler.

public enum class SqlNotificationSource
public enum SqlNotificationSource
type SqlNotificationSource = 
Public Enum SqlNotificationSource


Client Client Client Client -2

A client-initiated notification occurred, such as a client-side time-out or as a result of attempting to add a command to a dependency that has already fired.

Data Data Data Data 0

Data has changed; for example, an insert, update, delete, or truncate operation occurred.

Database Database Database Database 3

The database state changed; for example, the database related to the query was dropped or detached.

Environment Environment Environment Environment 6

The run-time environment was not compatible with notifications; for example, the isolation level was set to snapshot, or one or more SET options are not compatible.

Execution Execution Execution Execution 7

A run-time error occurred during execution.

Object Object Object Object 2

A database object changed; for example, an underlying object related to the query was dropped or modified.

Owner Owner Owner Owner 8

Internal only; not intended to be used in your code.

Statement Statement Statement Statement 5

The Transact-SQL statement is not valid for notifications; for example, a SELECT statement that could not be notified or a non-SELECT statement was executed.

System System System System 4

A system-related event occurred. For example, there was an internal error, the server was restarted, or resource pressure caused the invalidation.

Timeout Timeout Timeout Timeout 1

The subscription time-out expired.

Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown -1

Used when the source option sent by the server was not recognized by the client.


The SqlNotificationSource enumeration is referenced by an instance of the SqlNotificationEventArgs class.

Query notifications are supported only for SELECT statements that meet a list of specific requirements. For more information, see SQL Server Service Broker and Working with Query Notifications.

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