IGeoPositionWatcher<T> IGeoPositionWatcher<T> IGeoPositionWatcher<T> IGeoPositionWatcher<T> Interface


Interface that can be implemented for providing accessing location data and receiving location updates.

generic <typename T>
public interface class IGeoPositionWatcher
public interface IGeoPositionWatcher<T>
type IGeoPositionWatcher<'T> = interface
Public Interface IGeoPositionWatcher(Of T)

Type Parameters


The type of the object that contains the location data.



The GeoCoordinateWatcher class implements IGeoPositionWatcher<T>, using GeoCoordinate as the type parameter.


Position Position Position Position

Gets the location data.

Status Status Status Status

Gets the status of location data.


Start() Start() Start() Start()

Initiate the acquisition of location data.

Start(Boolean) Start(Boolean) Start(Boolean) Start(Boolean)

Start acquiring location data, specifying whether or not to suppress prompting for permissions. This method returns synchronously.

Stop() Stop() Stop() Stop()

Stop acquiring location data.

TryStart(Boolean, TimeSpan) TryStart(Boolean, TimeSpan) TryStart(Boolean, TimeSpan) TryStart(Boolean, TimeSpan)

Start acquiring location data, specifying an initialization timeout. This method returns synchronously.


PositionChanged PositionChanged PositionChanged PositionChanged

Occurs when the Position property has changed.

StatusChanged StatusChanged StatusChanged StatusChanged

Occurs when the Status property changes.

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