ActivitySamplingResult Enum


Enumeration values used by ActivityListener to indicate the amount of data to collect for the related Activity. Requesting more data causes a greater performance overhead.

public enum class ActivitySamplingResult
public enum ActivitySamplingResult
type ActivitySamplingResult = 
Public Enum ActivitySamplingResult


AllData 2

The activity object should be populated with all the propagation information and also all other properties such as Links, Tags, and Events. Using this value causes IsAllDataRequested to return true.

AllDataAndRecorded 3

The activity object should be populated the same as the AllData case. Additionally, Activity.Recorded is set to true. For activities using the W3C trace ids, this sets a flag bit in the ID that will be propagated downstream requesting that the trace is recorded everywhere.

None 0

The activity object does not need to be created.

PropagationData 1

The activity object needs to be created. It will have a Name, a Source, an Id and Baggage. Other properties are unnecessary and will be ignored by this listener.

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