EventLogPropertySelector EventLogPropertySelector EventLogPropertySelector EventLogPropertySelector Class


Contains an array of strings that represent XPath queries for elements in the XML representation of an event, which is based on the Event Schema. The queries in this object are used to extract values from the event.

public ref class EventLogPropertySelector : IDisposable
public class EventLogPropertySelector : IDisposable
type EventLogPropertySelector = class
    interface IDisposable
Public Class EventLogPropertySelector
Implements IDisposable


This object can keep the string to be used as required or preprocess the strings to prepare them for extraction. This preparation can be done before an event processing loop.


EventLogPropertySelector(IEnumerable<String>) EventLogPropertySelector(IEnumerable<String>) EventLogPropertySelector(IEnumerable<String>) EventLogPropertySelector(IEnumerable<String>)

Initializes a new EventLogPropertySelector class instance.


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