EventMetadata EventMetadata EventMetadata EventMetadata Class


Contains the metadata (properties and settings) for an event that is defined in an event provider.

public ref class EventMetadata sealed
public sealed class EventMetadata
type EventMetadata = class
Public NotInheritable Class EventMetadata


This class cannot be instantiated. A ProviderMetadata object defines a list of EventMetadata objects, one for each event defined by the provider.


Description Description Description Description

Gets the description template associated with the event using the current thread locale for the description language.

Id Id Id Id

Gets the identifier of the event that is defined in the event provider.

Keywords Keywords Keywords Keywords

Gets the keywords associated with the event that is defined in the event provider.

Level Level Level Level

Gets the level associated with the event that is defined in the event provider. The level defines the severity of the event.

LogLink LogLink LogLink LogLink

Gets a link to the event log that receives this event when the provider publishes this event.

Opcode Opcode Opcode Opcode

Gets the opcode associated with this event that is defined by an event provider. The opcode defines a numeric value that identifies the activity or a point within an activity that the application was performing when it raised the event.

Task Task Task Task

Gets the task associated with the event. A task identifies a portion of an application or a component that publishes an event.

Template Template Template Template

Gets the template string for the event. Templates are used to describe data that is used by a provider when an event is published. Templates optionally specify XML that provides the structure of an event. The XML allows values that the event publisher provides to be inserted during the rendering of an event.

Version Version Version Version

Gets the version of the event that qualifies the event identifier.


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