EventRecord.RelatedActivityId Property


Gets a globally unique identifier (GUID) for a related activity in a process for which an event is involved.

 abstract property Nullable<Guid> RelatedActivityId { Nullable<Guid> get(); };
public abstract Guid? RelatedActivityId { get; }
member this.RelatedActivityId : Nullable<Guid>
Public MustOverride ReadOnly Property RelatedActivityId As Nullable(Of Guid)

Property Value


Returns a GUID value. This value can be null.


An event provider can set the value of the ActivityID attribute before publishing events. All the events that are published after this ID is set will have the ActivityID attribute set to the specified value. This allows providers to specify simple relationships between events. The events that are published are part of the same activity. When a provider must start a new, but related activity, the publisher can publish a transfer event and specify the new activity ID. This new ID will appear as a RelatedActivityID attribute. This allows consumers to group related activities.

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