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Contains an event task that is defined in an event provider. The task identifies a portion of an application or a component that publishes an event. A task is a 16-bit value with 16 top values reserved.

public ref class EventTask sealed
public sealed class EventTask
type EventTask = class
Public NotInheritable Class EventTask


This class cannot be instantiated. A ProviderMetadata object defies a list of EventTask objects, one for each task defined in the provider. The standard task values and their meanings are defined in the StandardEventLevel enumeration.


DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName

Gets the localized name for the event task.

EventGuid EventGuid EventGuid EventGuid

Gets the event globally unique identifier (GUID) associated with the task.

Name Name Name Name

Gets the non-localized name of the event task.

Value Value Value Value

Gets the numeric value associated with the task.


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