InstanceDataCollectionCollection.Values Property


Gets the instance data values that comprise the collection of instances for the counter.

 property System::Collections::ICollection ^ Values { System::Collections::ICollection ^ get(); };
public System.Collections.ICollection Values { get; }
member this.Values : System.Collections.ICollection
Public ReadOnly Property Values As ICollection

Property Value


An ICollection that represents the counter's instances and their associated data values.


The following code example uses the Values property of an InstanceDataCollectionCollection to return a collection of InstanceDataCollection objects, which it converts to an array. It generates an array of counter names using the Keys property. For each element in the array of InstanceDataCollection objects, it displays the associated counter name and calls a function to process the InstanceDataCollection.

// Process the InstanceDataCollectionCollection for this category.
PerformanceCounterCategory pcc = new PerformanceCounterCategory(categoryName);
InstanceDataCollectionCollection idColCol = pcc.ReadCategory();

ICollection idColColKeys = idColCol.Keys;
string[] idCCKeysArray = new string[idColColKeys.Count];
idColColKeys.CopyTo(idCCKeysArray, 0);

ICollection idColColValues = idColCol.Values;
InstanceDataCollection[] idCCValuesArray = new InstanceDataCollection[idColColValues.Count];
idColColValues.CopyTo(idCCValuesArray, 0);

Console.WriteLine("InstanceDataCollectionCollection for \"{0}\" " +
    "has {1} elements.", categoryName, idColCol.Count);

// Display the InstanceDataCollectionCollection Keys and Values.
// The Keys and Values collections have the same number of elements.
int index;
for(index=0; index<idCCKeysArray.Length; index++)
    Console.WriteLine("  Next InstanceDataCollectionCollection " +
        "Key is \"{0}\"", idCCKeysArray[index]);

' Process the InstanceDataCollectionCollection for this category.
Dim pcc As New PerformanceCounterCategory(categoryName)
Dim idColCol As InstanceDataCollectionCollection = pcc.ReadCategory()

Dim idColColKeys As ICollection = idColCol.Keys
Dim idCCKeysArray(idColColKeys.Count - 1) As String
idColColKeys.CopyTo(idCCKeysArray, 0)

Dim idColColValues As ICollection = idColCol.Values
Dim idCCValuesArray(idColColValues.Count - 1) As InstanceDataCollection
idColColValues.CopyTo(idCCValuesArray, 0)

Console.WriteLine("InstanceDataCollectionCollection for ""{0}"" " & _
    "has {1} elements.", categoryName, idColCol.Count)

' Display the InstanceDataCollectionCollection Keys and Values.
' The Keys and Values collections have the same number of elements.
Dim index As Integer
For index = 0 To idCCKeysArray.Length - 1
    Console.WriteLine("  Next InstanceDataCollectionCollection " & _
        "Key is ""{0}""", idCCKeysArray(index))
Next index

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