ProcessThread.PriorityLevel Property


Gets or sets the priority level of the thread.

 property System::Diagnostics::ThreadPriorityLevel PriorityLevel { System::Diagnostics::ThreadPriorityLevel get(); void set(System::Diagnostics::ThreadPriorityLevel value); };
public System.Diagnostics.ThreadPriorityLevel PriorityLevel { get; set; }
member this.PriorityLevel : System.Diagnostics.ThreadPriorityLevel with get, set
Public Property PriorityLevel As ThreadPriorityLevel

Property Value

One of the ThreadPriorityLevel values, specifying a range that bounds the thread's priority.


The thread priority level information could not be retrieved.


The thread priority level could not be set.

The process is on a remote computer.


The priority level is not a single value, but rather a range of values. The operating system computes the thread's base priority by using the process's PriorityClass to choose a value from the range specified in the PriorityLevel property.

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